We invite you to bathe in the healing waters at Ngawha Springs and let the ancient energy revitalise your senses.

Our ancestress Kareariki discovered Ngawha Springs and their curative powers in the late 1600s. The hapū (tribes) of Ngāpuhi have been drawn to these restorative waters ever since.

We find physical healing here. But these ngāwhā (springs) also provide spiritual nourishment. They are our connection to our ancestors, to the earth, to whānau (family), grounding us and reminding us of our responsibilities as kaitiaki (guardians).

Ngawha Springs comprises 16 geothermal pools – each with unique characteristics, healing properties, colours, temperatures, and mineral composition.

An additional complex of 8 springs, Ngā Puna can be reserved exclusively.

Parahirahi Ngawha Waiariki Trust is kaitiaki (guardian) over Ngawha Springs. Trustees are direct descendants of 11 original tūpuna (ancestral) owners.  

Our responsibility is to sustain the cultural and spiritual values of Ngawha Springs while ensuring its sustainability for our mokopuna (future generations).


Ngawha Springs

Max Lloyd

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