The descendants of Kupe welcome you, as do the spirits of our ancestors. 

Our ancestor, Kupe’s arrival to Te-Hokianga-nui-ā-Kupe, the Hokianga Harbour, around 950 years ago marked the beginning of our nation’s human story. 

Manea – Footprints of Kupe is a 75-minute multisensory journey of guided storytelling – through art, taonga (cultural treasures), film, performance, digital interaction, and the splendour of Hokianga’s natural surroundings. 

Enter Te-Hokianga-nui-ā-Kupe, a cradle of tribal histories. Walk with us in the footprints of our ancestor – Kupe the intrepid, Kupe the voyager, Kupe the discoverer at Manea – Tapuwae ā Nuku. 

Tapuwae ā Nuku
Footprints of Kupe

Max Lloyd

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